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The Greatest obstacle courses and interactive games in the bay.

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The compact, 30-foot-long open air structure provides space for all and tons of fun. The rainbow archway welcomes riders into its wonderland to explore, maneuvering around horizontal and vertical pop-up obstacles. Riders push through a wall of inflated columns and crawl-through tunnels to race up the climbing wall and slide down to finish the game. Whoever reaches the destination first is the winner in obstacle course game. Above overhead netting is designed to prevent riders jumping from the top to ensure safety.

  • Dimension L*W*H (ft.) : 30′ X 13.5′ X 13.5
  • Max Gross Weight: 800 lbs
Kick Dart

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What are Kick Darts?

Kick Darts is a brand new game that's enjoyed by people of every age. The air-inflated dartboard is covered with Velcro; players will then aim the softballs at the board. The sport is then scored the same as normal darts, or you could decide to take part for fun and not keep score. By merging two games together, this sport targets lovers of both activities and brings them together to perform a really entertaining activity. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that it can be played by anyone regardless of footballing ability and skill. Since the rules can be made by you, there is no limit on how far away the ball can be kicked. If the players involved are slightly less talented with a football, the ball can be kicked from up close to the board to ensure that the game is fair for everyone. However, the game does not need to be competitive. Quite commonly, the darts are bought to allow a group of friends to have a kickabout.

Foot Darts Equipment

  • 1 Giant Dart Board used to play both Archer Darts and Foot Darts
  • 1 Blower to keep the board inflated
  • 4 Fuzzy Soccer Balls (color vary and can't be guaranteed).  
20x20 boxing ring 🥊

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Let's Get Ready To Rumble!
Forget watching the big boxing match on TV, have your own match right out in your own backyard with our inflatable boxing ring!
Our inflatable boxing ring looks just like a professional boxing ring.Comes complete with big boxing gloves for kids or regular gloves for adults. The gigantic boxing gloves and safety helmets will make sure you have the fun without the bruises. 
Bouncy boxing is a great teen/adult party idea.Have it setup in your backyard, parking lot or at a private party and keep the guests engaged for 
About this Unit: 
Ages: 4+ years 
Capacity: 2 participants per turn, up to 200lbs ea. Max 400lbs. 


  • 2 pair of big gloves
  • 2 pair of 16 oz gloves
  • Head gear for 2

Product Dimension
H 8’ L 20’ W 20’

Inflatable Nerf Shootout Game

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Nerf fans are in for a ral trear with this ever popular nerf shoot games. Floating ball targets bobble around auspended on air pressure from the cones. The aim of the games is to shoot the targets with powerful nerf rival guns provided. Nerf rival uses an updated foam ball insted of the usual nerf darts.The foam balls give much more accurancy and power when firing ar the suspended targets. 

Two Nerf rival guns
20 rival bullets
ten hover ball

3in1 sports shoot out game

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Throw for a touchdown!Aim for a 3 pointer.Shoot a goal past the keeper! The Sports Shootout is a great amusement add-on for backyard parties,Summer Camps,sporting events, family entertainment day/reunions,Daycares,and any school function.It offers a variety of activities  isgreat way to practice athletic skills.Ball are included
30ft Obstacle course

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